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Hope for Wildlife

Hope Swinimer operates her organization in Seaforth, NS and over 7000 wild animals are now taken into the Organization’s care each year. In addition, over 40,000 calls, texts and emails are responded to. Thousands of visitors are welcomed to its facilities for guided tours, hundreds of offsite educational presentations are given to community and school groups, and a wide range of data is collected from animals treated at its rehabilitation center.

PEI Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, located in Southwest Lot 16 PEI, receives on average 5 phone calls, texts, or Facebook messages a day from concerned Islanders and visitors about numerous wildlife species needing help. Out of those inquiries, over 2000 animals, representing roughly 90 different species since 2020, have been rescued, rehabilitated and/or released back to the wild.

More information will be made available to your Chapter Secretary.  Click on the picture to go to the HFW website.