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The Order of the Eastern Star advocates for qualified Service Dog Programs and provides financial assistance to such organizations, aiding their efforts to serve mankind and to allow individuals to achieve independence. In 2015, at the 48th Triennial Assembly of the General Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, Service Dog was established as the Primary & Permanent Identifying Charity of the General Grand Chapter along with the adoption of a Service Dog Committee as a new Standing Committee.

Lions Foundation of Canada trains Dog Guides to assist Canadians with a wide range of disabilities. All Donations collected by the Grand Chapter Order of the Eastern Star of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island will be directed specifically to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island residents on the waiting list for Dog Guides. With seven programs in place, approved clients with disabilities are offered the opportunity to find greater independence, mobility and safety through the help of a Dog Guide.
Depending on the program, Dog Guides are trained to perform a set of basic skills that are useful to all handlers. However, some of their training is also tailored to meet the specific needs of their future handler. In the final stage of training, the client and Dog Guide train and live together at the Oakville facility for two to four weeks. This helps to ensure that the new working team develops a bond and prepares them for their next step - returning home.

CANINE VISION DOG GUIDES have been enriching the lives of Canadians who are at least 12 years old and are blind or visually impaired. These Dog Guides are trained to assist their handlers in navigating obstacles typically found on most daily routes, including curbs, steps and crowds.
With the knowledge that they are capable of traveling freely and safely, handlers feel self assured every time they leave their homes with their Dog Guide. The confidence that they gain allows them to pursue education, careers and activities in their communities. Canine Vision for people who are blind or visually impaired.

HEARING DOG GUIDES assist individuals who are 10 years of age or older and who are deaf or hard of hearing to detect sounds they are unable to hear on their own. They have been taught to distinguish sounds, make physical contact with their handlers and lead them to whatever is making the noise; be it someone at the door, an alarm clock, or a ringing telephone.
Graduates of the Hearing program have gained an increased sense of security knowing that they will always have a link to the world of sound through their Dog Guide. This allows handlers to be more at ease in their home environment.

AUTISM ASSISTANCE DOG GUIDES help children between 3 and 12 who are on the autism spectrum. These Dog Guides provide safety, companionship, and unconditional love. They offer a calming relief for children in high anxiety situations, and reduce the stress commonly experienced in public places. 

People 10 years of age or older with physical or medical disabilities have discovered a renewed sense of safety and independence through the use of one of these Dog Guides.
On a daily basis, Service Dog Guides help their handlers retrieve objects, open and close appliances, and open and close doors. These Dog Guides are also trained to bark or activate an alert system when help is needed.  Their ability to perform such a wide range of tasks puts Service Dog Guides in high demand and has proven them to be a vital aid for many individuals. 

SEIZURE RESPONSE for people who have epilepsy. The moments that go by when a person is having a seizure can be life threatening. Those moments are when this specialized service dog goes into action, perhaps dialling 911 by pawing at a pre-programmed button on the phone. When the 911 Operator hears the dog barking, they immediately notify emergency personnel to respond.

DIABETIC ALERT DOG GUIDES assist people aged 10 or older who have type 1 diabetes with hypoglycemic unawareness. They are trained to detect sudden drops in their handler’s blood sugar through scent and alert them so that they can ingest something sweet. They can go get help within the home or activate an alert system if needed. Their ability to detect and react to hypoglycemic episodes helps their handler’s avoid loss of consciousness and subsequent life-threatening effects. Ultimately, these specially trained Dog Guides provide increased safety, security and independence.
UPPORT DOG GUIDES are for use by professional agencies with individuals in traumatic situations. These Dog Guides are trained to provide comfort to victims or witnesses of a crime or sudden tragedy. Support Dog Guides will provide on scene support when requested to those most vulnerable in our community, as well as provide added support to persons providing difficult disclosure to police for crimes such as child abuse, sexual assault, etc.

Celebrate a Birthday, Anniversary, Special Event, Christmas (that person difficult to buy for) or any occasion – the dogs will love you for it! Your donation helps provide specially trained Dog Guides at no cost to clients residing in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island with a medical or physical disability. Dog Guides bring increased safety, independence, and mobility to people from across the country.
All money received from Donations, Pin/Decals sales, etc. will be used to provide a Dog Guide (service dog) to a client residing in Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island

We can accept cheques payable to “Grand Chapter, OES NS&PEI"  Please write Service Dog Project on your cheque and forward to: 

Service Dog Program
Grand Secretary OES Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island
41 Settlers Point,
Lyons Brook, NS, Canada
B0K 1H0

Donate to 
The Order of the Eastern Star Service Dog Charity in memory of a loved one or pet. The knowledge that this gift will aid others can be a comfort. You will receive a tax receipt for your gift of $20.00 or more. Please write Service Dog Project on your cheque made out to "Grand Chapter, OES NS&PEI" and forward to:
Service Dog Program
Grand Secretary OES Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island
41 Settlers Point
Lyons Brook, NS, Canada
B0K 1H0

All donations qualifying for a tax receipt for your gift of $20.00 or more will be issued by Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides,
Registered charity numbers: Dog Guides Canada - 11883 7046 RR0001

The Order of the Eastern Star and Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides thanks you for your support!

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